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Acer Aspire 5550 Original Laptop Battery

Acer Aspire 5550 Original Laptop Battery
Acer Aspire 5550 Original Laptop Battery
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Output Voltage 10.8V
Output Power 4400 mAh
Chemistry Li-ion
No. of Cells 6
Color Black
Brand Acer
Condition Brand New
Warranty 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty
Compatible Part Number
AK.006BT.021 AK.009BT.056 BT.00603.012 BT.00603.039
BT.00603.040 BT.00603.044 BT.00604.005 BT.00604.006
BT.00604.017 BT.00604.027 BT.00605.006 BT.00605.007
BT.00607.003 BT.00607.009 BT.00904.003 BTP-AMJ1
GARDA31 GARDA32 LC.BTP00.021 LC.BTP00.022
LC.BTP01.010 LC.BTP01.01 LC.TG600.001 MS2180
Compatible Models
Aspire 2420 Series Aspire 2920 Series Aspire 2920Z Series
Aspire 3620 Serie Acer Aspire 3620A Acer Aspire 3640
Acer Aspire 3670 Aspire 5540 Series Aspire 5550 Series
Aspire 5560 Series Acer Aspire 5590 Acer  Extensa 3100
Acer Extensa 4120 Series Acer Extensa 4130 Acer Extensa 4220
Acer Extensa 4230 Acer Extensa 4420 Acer Extensa 4620
Acer Extensa 4620z Acer Extensa 4630 Series Acer Extensa 4630G
Acer Extensa 4630z Acer TravelMate 2420 Series Acer TravelMate 2420A
Acer TravelMate 2440 Series Acer TravelMate 2470 Acer TravelMate 3010
Acer TravelMate 3240 Series Acer TravelMate 3250 Series Acer TravelMate 3280 Series
Acer TravelMate 3290 Acer TravelMate 3300 Series Acer TravelMate 4320
Acer TravelMate 4330 Acer Travelmate 4335 Acer TravelMate 4520
Acer TravelMate 4720 Acer TravelMate 4730 Acer TravelMate 4730G
Acer TravelMate 6231 Series Acer TravelMate 6265 Acer TravelMate 6291 Series
Acer TravelMate 6292 Acer TravelMate 6452 Acer TravelMate 6492
Acer TravelMate 6493 Acer TravelMate 6553 Acer TravelMate6593 Series
Acer TravelMate 6593G Acer Aspire2920-1A2G16Mi Acer Aspire 2920-302G25Mi
Acer Aspire 2920-3A2G12Mi Acer Aspire 2920-3A2G25Mi Acer Aspire 2920-3A2G25Mn
Acer Aspire 2920-5A2G25Mi Acer Aspire 2920-602G25Mn Acer Aspire 2920-603G25Mi
Acer Aspire 2920-832G32Mn Acer Aspire 2920Z-2A2G16Mi Acer Aspire 2920Z-2A2G25Mi
Acer Aspire 2920Z-3A2G12Mi Acer Aspire 3623NWXMi Acer Aspire 3623WXMi
Acer Aspire 3628AWXCi Acer Aspire 3628NWXMi Acer Aspire 3628WXMi
Acer Aspire 5541ANWXMi Acer Aspire 5542ANWXMi Acer Aspire 5552NWXMi
Acer Aspire 5561AWXMi Acer Aspire 5562WXMi Acer Aspire 5563WXMi
Acer Extensa 4620-4691 Acer Extensa 4620-6402 Acer Extensa 4630-4658
Acer Extensa 4630-4682 Acer Extensa 4630-4791 Acer Extensa 4630-4922
Acer Extensa 4630G-642G32Mn Acer Extensa 4630G-732G25 Acer TravelMate 2423WXCi
Acer TravelMate 2423WXMi Acer TravelMate 2424NWXMi      Acer TravelMate 2424WXCi
Acer TravelMate 2424WXMi Acer TravelMate 2428AWXMi Acer TravelMate 3242NWXMi,
Acer TravelMate 3282NWXMi Acer TravelMate 3282WXMi Acer TravelMate 3284WXMi
Acer TravelMate 3302WXMi Acer TravelMate 3304WXMi Acer TravelMate 6231-100508Ci
Acer TravelMate 6231-301G12 Acer TravelMate 6231-401G12M TravelMate 6252-100508Mi
Acer TravelMate 6291-101G12 Acer TravelMate 6291-101G12M Acer TravelMate 6291-101G16
Acer TravelMate 6291-3A1G12Mi      Acer TravelMate 6291-6059 Acer TravelMate 6291-6335
TravelMate 6291-6753 TravelMate 6292-101G08 TravelMate 6292-101G16Mi
TravelMate 6292-101G16Mn      TravelMate 6292-101G16N TravelMate 6292-102G16N
TravelMate 6292-301G16Mi TravelMate 6292-301G16MN TravelMate 6292-301G16N
TravelMate 6292-302G16 TravelMate 6292-302G161Mi TravelMate 6292-302G16Mi
TravelMate 6292-302G16Mn TravelMate 6292-302G16N TravelMate 6292-5B2G16Mi
TravelMate 6292-5B2G16Mn TravelMate 6292-602G16Mn TravelMate 6292-602G25Mn
TravelMate 6292-602G25N TravelMate 6292-603G32Mi TravelMate 6292-6059
TravelMate 6292-6192 TravelMate 6292-6359 TravelMate 6292-6427
TravelMate 6292-643G32Mn TravelMate 6292-6700 TravelMate 6292-6843
TravelMate 6292-6856 TravelMate 6292-6982 TravelMate 6292-702G25Mn
TravelMate 6292-812G25Mn TravelMate 6292-832G25Mn TravelMate 6292-833G25N
TravelMate 6292-834G25Mi TravelMate 6292-834G25Mn TravelMate 6292-834G32Mi
TravelMate 6292-932G25Mn TravelMate 6293-6311 TravelMate 6492-601G16N
TravelMate 6492-602G16Mn TravelMate 6492-702G25Mn TravelMate 6492-812G25Mn
TravelMate 6492-832G25N TravelMate 6493-6054 TravelMate 6493-6495
TravelMate 6493-6899 TravelMate 6493-863G32Mn TravelMate 6493-863G32N
TravelMate 6593-6121 TravelMate 6593-6170 TravelMate 6593-6462
TravelMate 6593-6882 TravelMate 6593-842G16N TravelMate 6593-842G25Mn
TravelMate 6593G-842G25Mn TravelMate 6593G-863G32N TravelMate 6593G-944G32Mn

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