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Sony VAIO e Series VPCEH25EN 6 Cell 4000mAh High Quality Li-ion Replacement Laptop Battery - VGP-BPS26

Sony VAIO VPCEH25EN High Quality Replacement Laptop Battery (6 Cell, 4000 mAh, Li-ion), BPS26, VGP-BPS26
Sony VAIO e Series VPCEH25EN 6 Cell 4000mAh High Quality Li-ion Replacement Laptop Battery - VGP-BPS26
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Get Longer Battery Life and Improved Laptop Performance with this High Quality Sony VAIO e Series VPCEH25EN Battery.This battery is compatible with wide range of Sony VAIO e Series Laptops.

This Sony VAIO VPCEH25EN Laptop Battery is built with 6 Lithium-ion Cells and highest Quality Components which provide Longer Life with fast charging.

Expected life of this Sony VAIO VPCEH25EN Laptop Battery is 2-3 years (500-600 charge cycles max.) 

Output Voltage10.8V / 11.1V
Output Power4000mAh
No. of Cells6
Battery Life500-600 Re-charge Cycles approximately
ConditionBrand New (Box Packed)
Warranty1 Year Manufacturer Warranty
Compatible Part NumbersBPS26                       VGP-BPS26                  VGP-BPS26A                  BPL26                     VGP-BPL26
Compatible LaptopsSony VAIO VPCEH25EN Series laptops.


IMPORTANT Tips about Sony VAIO VPCEH25EN Laptop Battery:

  • New Sony VAIO VPCEH25EN Replacement Laptop Battery comes in discharged/ partially charged state and it should go through 2-3 charge/ discharge cycles to achieve its optimum efficiency.
  • When charging a new Sony VAIO VPCEH25EN battery your computer power meter may indicate that charging is complete after a few minutes, don’t worry about it and just remove the battery and install it again and repeat the charging procedure.
  • It is important to fully charge and fully discharge rechargeable laptop batteries after every 2 weeks, failing to do so may decrease battery’s life.
  • If laptop battery will not be in use for long time then it is recommended that you should remove it from the device and store it in a cool, dry and clean place.

Sony VAIO VPCEH25EN Battery Troubleshooting Tips:

Sony VAIO VPCEH25EN Battery is not charging at all or showing that it is not compatible

The problem may be with the computer BIOS and an update is required for the laptop to recognize and fully charge the laptop battery. The current software in your laptop is only set up to read an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) battery. If your BIOS has not been updated, and you have only used Original batteries in your laptop, it can cause the replacement battery not to communicate correctly with the software in your system.

Check your manufacturer’s website for possible system BIOS upgrades for your laptop model. Some laptops have been prone to reject third party batteries if they have an old BIOS version installed. Once completing the BIOS upgrade, please recharge your battery for 12 hours and use as normal.

Sony VAIO VPCEH25EN Battery stops charging before it is fully charged

New batteries come in a discharged condition and must be fully charged before use. It is recommended that you fully charge and discharge the new battery four to five times to allow it to reach its maximum rated capacity.

It is generally recommend an overnight charge (approximately twelve hours). It is normal for a battery to become warm to the touch during charging and discharging.

Sony VAIO VPCEH25EN Battery stops charging whenever it reaches 96-98%

You might need to recalibrate your laptop for the new battery. You can easily recalibrate your laptop properly via the Windows Power Management.

With Windows XP, you can change the battery settings by navigating to Control Panel > Performance and Maintenance > Power Options. Once you find it change the “Power Schemes” to “Always On”. Under “Alarms”, uncheck “Low battery alarm” and “Critical battery alarm”. Under “Hibernate”, uncheck “Enable hibernation”, and then click on Apply.

This is the only time that we recommend taking the battery all the way down to zero %. You should also unplug the ac adapter and let the battery drain all the way down until your laptop shuts off. After that, plug the ac adapter back and charge it to 100%. You may need to repeat this process about 2-3 times before it actually reaches 100%.

Sony VAIO VPCEH25EN Battery shows that it is fully charged, but it is not working

This is known as "False Peak" and is very common condition during first time battery use (or using a battery that has been discharged for several months). The charger light may go out after only 10-15 minutes, indicating that it is fully charged when it is not. Should this happen, simply leave the battery on the charger for about an hour. Remove the charger, and plug-in the charger immediately. The battery will resume normal charging and the charger light will indicate when the battery is ready for use. This may happen several times during the first battery charge. Don't worry; it's perfectly normal.

Sony Laptop Battery Error: “Battery is not for this model, not detected, not compatible, or not connected.”

Some Sony laptops have a pre-installed utility called Sony ISB, which prevents the laptop from using a third-party laptop battery. To remove the Sony ISB utility, follow the directions below:

1- Turn off the computer and remove the battery.

2- Make sure only the AC adapter is connected and turn on the computer.​​

3- Click the Start button, click All Programs , click Accessories , and then click Run .

4- In the Run window, type MSCONFIG and then press the Enter key.

NOTE: If prompted for an administrator password or a User Account Control prompt is displayed, type the appropriate password, click Continue or click Yes .

5- In the System Configuration window, click the Startup tab.

6- On the Startup tab, click to uncheck the box in front of ISB Utility

7- Click the OK button.

8- In the System Configuration window, Click the Restart button

9- Turn off the computer, reconnect the battery and turn the computer back on.

This will remove the software check that Sony has placed on its laptops to prevent third-party laptop batteries from being used and allow you to use a non-Sony laptop battery. Some Sony laptops have a hardware laptop battery lock which will prevent a third-party laptop battery from being used. In that case, there is no "fix" to get around the hardware lock and you will have to buy a genuine Sony brand laptop battery only.

Sony Laptop Battery Status: “Plugged in, not charging”

If you are getting the “Plugged in, not charging” status on your laptop battery, please following the steps below:

  1. Shutdown laptop
  2. Unplug AC adapter
  3. Remove battery
  4. Plug in AC adapter
  5. Turn on laptop, allow operating system (OS) to boot
  6. Once logged in to the machine, perform a normal shut down
  7. Unplug AC adapter
  8. Replace battery
  9. Plug in AC adapter
  10. Turn on laptop, allow OS to boot.

Status should now say, “Plugged in and charging”

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