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Return Policy

Here's is a table for Product Specific Return Policies:

CategoryDefective or DamagedItem Not as Described
Computers10 Days Free Replacement10 Days Replacement / refund
Computers/ Laptop Accessories10 Days Free Replacement10 Days Replacement / refund
Computer/ Laptop Spare Parts10 Days Free Replacement10 Days Replacement / refund
Technical/ Engineering Services30 Days Free Service for the same issue


Item Not as Described

Our "Item Not as Described" policy ensures that customers receive products that match the description provided at the time of purchase. If a customer receives an item that does not meet the described specifications, features, or condition, the following policy applies:

1. Eligibility: The policy is applicable to all eligible purchases where the product received significantly differs from its description. Color, shape and part numbers of the items like battery charger, batteries, keyboards and screens etc. are not treated as "item not as described" until its technical specifications are totally different.

2. Notification: Customers must notify our customer support within a specified time frame (depending upon category) to report the issue and initiate the resolution process.

3. Verification: Our customer support team may request additional information, such as photographs, detailed descriptions, or any other evidence that supports the claim of the item not being as described.

4. Resolution Options: Depending on the circumstances, the following options may be provided to the customer:

   a. Replacement: The customer may be eligible for a replacement of the product with one that matches the description originally provided.

   b. Refund: If a replacement is not feasible, we may refund for the item.

5. Return Process: If the item needs to be returned, our customer support team will provide instructions for the return shipment, including any applicable shipping labels or arrangements for pick-up.

6. Condition of Return: The customer may be required to return the item in its original condition, packaging, and with all accessories included.

7. Evaluation and Final Decision: Once the returned item is received, our returns department will evaluate its condition to verify the claim. Based on the evaluation, the final decision regarding the resolution (replacement or refund) will be made.

In-transit damagesrequirement of unboxing video to proove in-transit damage
To ensure a smooth resolution process for in-transit damage claims, it may be necessary for customers to provide an unboxing video as evidence. 

At times, products may unfortunately sustain damage during the transit process. To streamline the resolution process and efficiently address such instances, we kindly request customers to provide an unboxing video as evidence when filing a claim for in-transit damage.

An unboxing video serves as crucial evidence to support the claim, as it allows us to visually assess the condition of the package and its contents upon arrival. It helps establish a clear timeline, providing valuable insights into how the item was packaged, handled, and the extent of the damage incurred during transportation.

When creating the unboxing video, please ensure the following:

1. Start from the initial unboxing: Begin recording the video from the moment you receive the package. Capture the exterior condition of the packaging, highlighting any signs of damage, such as dents, tears, or watermarks.

2. Document the unpacking process: Record the step-by-step process of opening the package, emphasizing the care taken while removing any protective materials or seals. Be sure to capture any visible damage or indications of mishandling.

3. Focus on the product: Provide clear footage of the damaged areas of the product. Zoom in or adjust the camera angle if necessary to capture the full extent of the damage.

4. Preserve the packaging: Retain the original packaging, including any bubble wrap, foam inserts, or other protective materials used during shipping. This helps provide a comprehensive view of how the product was packaged and the level of protection provided.

5. Maintain a continuous recording: Try to maintain an uninterrupted recording throughout the unboxing process to ensure transparency and avoid any doubts regarding the sequence of events.

Once you have the unboxing video ready, you can easily attach it to your claim or provide it to our customer support team as requested. Rest assured, this video will significantly aid us in expediting the assessment of your claim and reaching a fair resolution promptly.

We understand the importance of a smooth and hassle-free resolution process, and we appreciate your cooperation in providing an unboxing video to substantiate your in-transit damage claim. Our aim is to ensure your satisfaction and make the necessary arrangements for a replacement or refund as quickly as possible.

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